Food Baskets Due Nov 23!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


This is a video I saw on TV recently during a visit home. It struck a chord with me and had a clear and emotional message. It really sheds light on the fact that show many individuals struggle with hunger.

The next video is a YouTube vid made my a UNH Student on Waysmeet and the Cornucopia Food Pantry. It is a great little video that features a story of personal experience, lot of info and quotes on hunger in the area, many interviews, and is a visual guide of how much good the pantry provides for those that use it. As quoted, to many it is a 'godsend'.

Donate Today! Every little bit helps! Whether a bag of bananas or a full basket your donation is appreciated!! Also if you can't donate but really want to help feel free to contact us about volunteering the days we collect baskets and distribute them!!


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CORNUCOPIA Care Baskets, Fall 2009

~a helping hand for a better tomorrow~

In partnership with the Waysmeet Center @ UNH, the UNH Office of Community Service & Learning, and the Community Leadership Program (CoLead) @

the UNH Thompson School of Applied Science

Help us help people:

donate a food basket to Cornucopia to brighten someone’s Thanksgiving!

Our mission is to unite and strengthen our community to by providing food baskets and by increasing awareness about the hunger problem in our community.

~ CoLead students, Fall 2009

Contact Information:

Lisa Ciccotelli: lisa.ciccotelli@unh.edu, 862-0079




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