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Sunday, November 15, 2009

University Advancement Center's Colorful Turkeys Inspire Giving

Once again this year the staff of the University Advancement Center, with the help of their colorful bulletin-board turkeys, is collecting food baskets for the Cornucopia Food Pantry Thanksgiving Food Drive.

Last year the University Advancement Center created construction paper turkeys with tailfeathers that had food items listed on them; staff members then plucked the feathers and brought in the item listed. The response was wonderful, and by the time the last feather was plucked they had collected enough food for 7 baskets.

This year they have set their goals even higher. With the help of their four new turkeys--named Teddy, Tina, Tanya, and Tyler--they hope to collect 10 baskets worth of food. They have even sacrificed their holiday party so that the money they would have spent can go towards the food drive, and can help insure that others in the community will be able to enjoy a warm, nutritious Thanksgiving meal.

The Community Leadership Program at the Thompson School would like to highlight the great work being done for the food drive by Lori Parent, Katie Umans, Patricia Turner, Sandy Cooney, and the administrative staff at the University Advancement Center. The Thompson school students were so impressed with the turkey idea that they have constructed their own on a bulletin board in the hallway between Barton and Cole Halls. They encourage their fellow students to visit the turkey, pluck a feather, and give back to the community.

The University Advancement Center hopes that their turkey idea will spread around the campus and inspire others to donate to the food drive. Keep your eyes open for a turkey near you. They can currently be found at the Elliot Alumni Center, the New England Center, the Academic Affairs Office at Thompson Hall, and between Cole and Barton Halls at the Thompson School of Applied Science.

With the current economic downturn, the need for Cornucopia Food Pantry baskets is even greater this year. The food pantry plans to distribute 160 baskets to members of the UNH community this Thanksgiving.

To find out how you can help, contact Lisa Ciccotelli at the Office of Community Service and Learning at 862-0079 or lisa.ciccotelli@unh.edu.

For information on the Cornucopia Food Pantry, go to www.cornucopia.unh.edu.

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CORNUCOPIA Care Baskets, Fall 2009

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Our mission is to unite and strengthen our community to by providing food baskets and by increasing awareness about the hunger problem in our community.

~ CoLead students, Fall 2009

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