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Thursday, December 17, 2009

My Experience with the Cornucopia Care Basket Drive.

As a part of the Community Leadership program, I deeply involved in the Cornucopia Food basket drive. During the project I felt that I was powerful, calling and emailing all of those people. It was all extremely rewarding because as a result of my perseverance and my work families who normally could not enjoy a thanksgiving. Looking back on the Cornucopia project I learned that I really can make a difference in the community. It still astonishes me that due to my efforts people were able to eat a real meal on thanksgiving. I now have more confidence in myself and I know that I can makes things happen and bring people together to accomplish this. I can and I am a leader in my community. One of the most amazing experiences was when I volunteered on the 23rd and 24th , witnessing so many people take time out of their busy schedules to help out their fellow community members. Even though some people were volunteering to fulfill requirements, they still enjoyed what they were doing because they were making a difference in their community. Dropping off and watching people retrieve their baskets was heartwarming, the assurance and security that they would have a real meal for thanksgiving was so rewarding to see.


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CORNUCOPIA Care Baskets, Fall 2009

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In partnership with the Waysmeet Center @ UNH, the UNH Office of Community Service & Learning, and the Community Leadership Program (CoLead) @

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donate a food basket to Cornucopia to brighten someone’s Thanksgiving!

Our mission is to unite and strengthen our community to by providing food baskets and by increasing awareness about the hunger problem in our community.

~ CoLead students, Fall 2009

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